Author Stetson Ashpaugh

Born the son of a rural western Oklahoma town, Stetson Ashpaugh (ash-paw) has been writing short humorous stories all his life. At an early age he expressed a great imagination and a knack for quick and witty responses. He loves baseball, the UFC, underwater basket weaving and synchronized swinging. Since he was 18 he has worked in the oil field, becoming extremely knowledgable in all facets of the life many people rarely know about. He is married with five children and one on the way: two stepsons, two sons from his first marriage, a daughter from the second marriage and another daughter to arrive in November 2014. Let it be known the myth of Mt. Few lowering sperm counts is false. He drank 3-4 a day for nearly 2 years. His music tastes vary from classic country to today's modern hard rock/metal scene. Examples are from Conway Twitty to Five Finger Death Punch. Prepare yourself for hilarity with the antics from the boy from Oklahoma!

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