Suburban Mom Saves Family From Avocado


Oakdale, MN-It was a Sunday morning, Sue Johnson’s daughter was visiting from college and was fast asleep in her childhood bedroom. Her room had recently been converted to a combination of an office, gym, and make shift guest room. However, the room was more of a storage room than anything else. But while her daughter was sleeping, Sue stumbled upon a foreign object. She put on a pair of dishwashing gloves before making contact with the unknown ticking time bomb in her kitchen. After some psyching up and a cup of coffee, Sue picked up the black and greenish object and upon further examination decided that it must be a rotten lemon and discarded it before the toxic lemon could wreak havoc on the rest of her family. Sue knew that she was probably a goner considering how close in contact she was with the deadly lemon, but that was part of being a mom, or at least that’s what she thought to herself.

Hours later, Sue’s daughter woke up and strolled into the kitchen and began looking for a piece of bread to toast and her avocado. After a few minutes of searching she enlisted the help of her younger brother and dad. However the avocado was nowhere to be found. Moments later, Sue returned home with a vanilla latte from the local coffee shop, a drink she figured she deserved since she had saved her family from the lethal fruit she disposed of just a couple hours prior.

After being given several crucial descriptions of what an avocado looks like, Sue realized what she had found this morning was not a rotten lemon, but in fact that bizarre Mexican super food. Without giving any comments of how she destroyed the avocado just hours earlier, she left the house and drove to the super market. She knew that if her family knew what she had done, she would never live it down, and she was not going to be the big joke in the Christmas card again. She threw the family station wagon in reverse and nearly hitting the neighbor’s dog, she was on her way to again, save her family, but more importantly herself.

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