Woman Closes Umbrella In One Try, Enters Adulthood


SAN DIEGO, CA — A local woman is being rightfully praised this afternoon and for a mightily
impressive feat, closing her umbrella in one swift and successful motion. That’s right, for one
Charlotte Saunderson there was no struggle, no strain, no leftover feelings of incompetence or

Saunderson, 23, was simply going about her errands on a particularly rainy Wednesday when all
of a sudden she had to make the quick transition from outdoors to indoors. “I knew I didn’t have
much time,” says Saunders, “it was a crowded street and people were coming at me from every

But Charlotte’s “call to action” came to her in the form of a helpful stranger. “I looked up
towards the door to the Trader Joe’s I was entering and there was this man, propping the door
open. He looked at me as if to say, “are you coming in?”

“I’ll never forget his baby blue eyes. Deep like the puddle of rain accumulating in my rainboots.
Sharp like the rain hitting the top of my open umbrella. In that moment I knew two things: (1)
Yes, it was my intention to enter this Trader Joes, and (2) I could not disappoint him. But the
biggest challenge still lay ahead of me.”

That’s when she decided to put her faith in the lord above and do the unthinkable. “Usually I
would spend a full minute trying to close the umbrella to no avail. But this time the darn thing
just worked like it was intended to. I’m not sure if it was something I did, or just…fate. It truly
felt like a right of passage.”

In one graceful motion, Saunderson feels she has made the transition from girl to woman, and
joined the ranks of adul ts like her mother Carla and Rihanna in the Umbrella music video, both
inspirations to the young umbrella owner. Luckily, her modesty remains in tact.

“I still think it was just luck,” says Saunderson, “The angle of my fingers. Being in the right rainy
place at the right rainy time. And I probably would have never been compelled to act so swiftly
had that stranger not been there that day.”

Saunderson only hopes her story inspires young people still battling with their umbrellas that
change is possible.

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