KellyAnne Conway’s Inauguration Outfit Just Another Distraction


WASHINGTON D.C. — Washington is now speculating that Kellyanne Conway’s much-mocked garb at today’s Inauguration ceremony is simply another distraction attempt on behalf of the Trump administration. And once again, American’s are played for bigger fools than the Donald himself.

Trump’s team, lead by human dementor, Conway, has previously been accused of distracting the American public from news that might not cast a favorable light on the very orange cheeto. Most recently, this entailed sending human bait in the form of Mike Pence to a performance of the Broadway Musical Hamilton to distract the media from The Trump University Settlement of $25 million American dollars.

Today, similar thinking is being applied to the Halloween costume Kellyanne Conway paraded to Trump’s inauguration. The outfit started making waves when a photo was posted online of Conway en route to the event via golf cart driven by her fellow droogs from A Clockwork Orange. “I didn’t know if she was trying to get to the Inauguration or if she had been separated from Miss Clavel,” said one man from the safety of his twitter account.

Only one of these photos is of Kellyanne Conway

But the theory that this was all intended to distract us from another terrible Trump event does hold some merit. While many liberals were creating side-by-side memes of Conway and Bozo the Clown with the caption “who wore it best,” Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States.

And as protests break out across Washington D.C, here you are, reading this article and sharing it with your friends with the added caption: “This!!!”

Sneaky, sneaky Kellyane.

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