Woman Dissatisfied With Response to Her Selfless Volunteer Work


NASHVILLE, TN – When Nicole Hollander began volunteering at the local soup kitchen, she was hoping to find the fulfillment that comes from helping others and letting everyone know about it. Four months later, following dozens of Instagram photos and Tweets meticulously documenting her efforts, praise and admiration for her work has fallen far short of expectations.

“Volunteering was my way of giving back,” said Hollander, 26. “I gave all of my followers some great photos of me preparing the food, serving the food, and cleaning up. I thought I’d get a ton of great comments but all I got was a few likes, which as everyone knows is the equivalent of spitting in your face.”

Hollander went on to say that although discouraged, she had no intention of giving up. She now volunteers at the local animal shelter, with “the fluffiest puppies and kitties ever, OMG.” To find out more, follow her on Twitter and Instagram.
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