Missed Connections – Volume 6


Missed Connections – Tuesday – Urgent Care – Farmington Hills

I had some chest pains so I went to the urgent care. You took my blood. I won’t put your name on here but it started with a “C” and you wore lime green scrubs. You only had to prick me once to get my blood. That takes some skill. You told me that I was very vascular and my veins were easy to find. I know what that means. I got one more vein for you to find. Maybe I can prick you back. Also my chest is fine I just have acid reflux so I’m gonna live a long time get at me girl.

Missed Connections- Sunday I think- On the can honestly – Southfield

Hey girl, I accidentally swiped left on you. I didn’t mean to… I’m sorry. Its just that my cat jumped on my during my bathrooms and my phone fell and next thing I knew you were gone. I couldn’t let us go out like that so I thought I’d try a little old fashioned romantic missed connections post. You are so, so fine! Hit me up on Twitter my handle is @Knightroboost2161587. Peace.

Missed Connections – last night – Woody’s – Royal Oak

Hey, I hooked up with you last night. I think I left my phone at your place and don’t remember your address. I was wearing a blue-jean jumper and my name is Stacey. I think your name was Brett? Anyway I really need my phone please get ahold of me ASAP.

Missed Connections- Yesterday – DTW – Detroit (Romulus)

I missed my connecting flight from to Colorado. If you are at the Detroit Airport and are heading to Colorado I’ll do anything for your ticket. ANYTHING.

Missed Connections – Thursday- I75 – Detroit

You cut me off at the Lafayette exit and I had to go all the way to Jefferson and deal with all the tunnel bound traffic. I wasted 10 minutes getting back to Lafayette. If I ever see you again, I’ll kill you.

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