Putin applauds Trump’s strong denial of climate change


DETROIT (RPN) – Russian president Vladimir Putin today endorsed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s new economic platform, saying he was “particularly thrilled” that Trump wants to rip up the Paris Climate Agreement and halt American payments to United Nations’ anti-global warming projects.

“Siberia is three-quarters of mother country,” Putin said. “Even plutonium freeze there.”

Putin noted that “in rest of Russia, winters also very long. Anyone vacationing in Moscow in December? Not even me. But soon, Comrade Trump willing, daffodils at Christmas.”

Putin's Siberian dream

Putin’s Siberian dream

Putin accompanied the GOP nominee during his speech to the Detroit Economic Club on Monday. The two men have drawn still closer since Putin offered Trump Estonia as a summer White House.

“Like real man, he want to stick it to China, too,” Putin said. “But what most excite is chance for January swims in Lake Baikal.”

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