Putin offers ‘Trexit’ plan to solve Trump ‘problem’


WASHINGTON – In what he described as a “magnanimous offer to help stupid Americans,” Russian President Vladimir Putin today announced a plan to rid the U.S. public of Donald Trump.

“The Donald simply disappears,” Putin said. “No questions asked. Problem solved.”

“Trexit,” as Putin called it, draws on the Russian leader’s long experience with what he called “solving political problem.” He noted that his country, dating to the earliest days of when tsars and then the Soviets ruled, has “proud heritage of decisive action.”

Putin said “big beauty is Trexit not require single vote. Accept my offer? Done.”

In explaining what he called the “danger of giving choice to morons,” Putin pointed to the recent vote in Great Britain to leave the European Union – the “Brexit” mandate that has plunged the nation into political, financial and economic chaos.

“Democracy, schmocracy,” Putin said. “Maybe not quite right word, but you see my point.”

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