Doctors to blame for Obesity


For too long now every problem in society is being blamed on Obese people… Well I’m here to tell you the blame is not in our mouths but in our doctors. The medical industry and doctors are to blame for the obesity epidemic.

How is that you ask? First of all don’t interrupt me, second here’s how. Obese people now have access to a variety of different medications that keep them alive much longer than they would have normally survived. High Blood Pressure Medication, Diabetes Medication, Bypass Surgery, Cholesterol Medication. All designed to extend the life of the obese person. Most obese people (like me) live well into their 60’s and 70’s giving us an opportunity to get married, have children and pass on our Obese genes. NOT JEANS…

Not too long ago obese people didn’t live very long so they never had children. As a result Obese people were rare. So rare in fact that they were a side show in the Circus. People paid money to see The Fat Lady who weighed 600 pounds. Now all you have to do is go to Wal-Mart.

It’s like red headed people. Long ago red headed children were put to death, they were thought to be possessed by the devil. Then they outlawed such practices. Now there are red headed people everywhere. Is that what we want? Red headed fat kids? I think not.

So before you make us but two seats on an airplane, blame us for the sky rocketing cost of health care or mandate we buy health insurance, take a look at yourselves. These doctors and drug companies are keeping us alive. There will be consequences.

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