TripAdvisor To Add Best Places for Vacation Sex


NEEDHAM, MA – TripAdvisor, one of the world’s most popular travel websites, has announced that a feature listing the best places for vacation sex outside of a hotel room will debut on July 1st.

The new feature will allow couples “to enjoy new levels of vacation sex without fear of being caught by security cameras, other tourists, and local authorities unless that’s what they’re into, who are we to judge,” according to a statement released Tuesday. Travelers will also be able to use filters based on common relationship types such as “young people on honeymoon,” “trip that determines if moving in together is a good idea,” and “last-ditch attempt to save marriage,” and post reviews of their experiences.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive. “I’m really looking forward to sharing my own experiences and learning about all the other cool places to bang,” said Ted Cauldwell, a 23-year-old barista from Cambridge.

“I have my review of the Gershwin Theatre ready to go,” said Christine Livingston, 38, a project manager from Waltham. “No spoilers, but let’s just say it was ‘Wicked’!”

There were some negative reactions as well, with the general consensus that sex should be confined to the bedroom. Most complaints included the phrase “in my day,” and often ended with a long-winded rants about walking to school uphill in ten feet of snow or all the great things you used to get for a quarter.

In related news Lonely Planet announced it will also be adding vacation sex locations to their books, just in case anyone still cares about them.

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