Missed Connections – Volume 5


Missed Connections – Wednesday- In front of my house – Warren

I see you ever Wednesday outside my house, but you never see me. It’s garbage day and I wait by the window excitedly. No matter how much garbage I have you toss it like it’s nothing; so strong. I love watching you handle my garbage and would love for you to take me out like the trash that I am. I not going to put my address on here but my street is Rosalind and you’ll find a pair of panties on top of my garbage next week. The rest is up to you garbage man.

Missed Connections – Saturday – Kennedy Park – Eastpointe

Hi I saw you at the park yesterday. You cut in front of me for the slide, but it’s okay because you’re pretty. My names Michael and I’m only 10 but I think I like you. Wanna be boyfriend and girlfriend? Okay, maybe I”ll see you at the park this week.

Missed Connections- Sunday – Coney Island – Lathrup Village

I was really hungover and ordered my usual cure, two coneys and fries. You were chipper and laughed at my dumb jokes. You gave me extra fries so I can only assume that you wanna bang.

Missed Connections – Thursday – Great Skate- Warren

We talked, well sort of. You’re son fell in the rink and I helped him up. You thanked me. I could tell it was sincere. I think there might be something between us. I really like going to Great Skate. Skating is relaxing to me. They said I have to stay more than 500 feet from schools, but they made no mention of Great Skate, or Chuck E. Cheese for that matter. I’d love to meet you at either one of these places. Bring your kids if you want.

Missed Connections – Friday – Qdoba – Madison Heights

I was in the single bathroom at Qdoba and forgot to lock the door. You walked in on my and I think you saw my junk. You screamed, so I’m guessing you were impressed. You’re not bad looking. I’ll be there same place, same time this week if you wanna get at this beef burrito.

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