Barry Manilow Ordered Bowie, Haggard, Prince Hits, Probe Reveals


LOS ANGELES–Former recording artist Barry Manilow has been arrested by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies after a probe revealed the singer ordered the deaths of music superstars Davie Bowie, Merle Haggard, and Prince.

Informant Johnny “the Fish” Battagliani reportedly told county authorities Manilow contracted him to carry out the hits with an untraceable poison.

Following intensive questioning, Manilow reportedly confessed to authorities. Sources say he admitted to the killings because “it was my only chance to make the Billboard list of top 100 recording artists of the 70s.”

Sources reveal this was only the beginning, as he was planning 57,112 more hits of higher-rated music artists. His hit list reportedly included Petula Clark, David Cassidy, and Spice Girl Nutmeg, as well as 3 of the backup singers in the “Nationwide Is On your Side” jingle, all of whom have been placed in protective custody.

Manilow is being held without bond at Los Angeles County Jail pending a trial date.

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