Donald Trump: “I Will Move To Canada If I Win Presidency”


New York, N.Y. – At a press conference today, republican front runner Donald Trump said, “If I become president, I’m moving to Canada. They’ll love me there. I have huge fans over the border.” He added, “If people keep voting for me, I don’t know what I’m going to do. This whole thing was being filmed for a reality show deal I had with Fox, but people took me seriously. Look at my hands. Who would take these hands seriously? Lyin’ Ted Cruz is in on it, too. That booger he ate during the debate was actually a gummy bear we placed on his lip before the cameras rolled. He’s an actor. He was in The Munsters. Anyone see that show? Great show!” When a reporter from The New York Times asked about Kasich, Trump replied, “Who? Oh, the one who eats weird? No, he’s real.”

With celebrities like Whoopi Goldberg, and most recently, Lena Dunham declaring they will move to Canada if Trump wins, this news comes as a shock.

We reached out to the Trump campaign for comment and are still waiting a response.

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