Missed Connections – Volume 4


Missed Connections – Saturday – Eastern Market – Detroit

You bought a lot of cucumbers. Big ones. You want to meet up?

Missed Connections – Thursday – Planet Fitness – Madison Heights

I was on the ab machine. You were on the bicep thingy. I saw starring at me. I starred back. Is it because I farted? I had head phones on I didn’t think it made any noise. It’s just gas. Everyone does it. Don’t be an asshole. Say hi next time.

Missed Connections – Monday – Target bathroom – Southfield

You were grunting in the stall. I don’t know what you look like. I couldn’t see enough through the crack, but I do know you wear black on black converse. I like your shoes, and your grunts. I left my number on the wall of that stall. Go get it.

Missed Connections – Sunday- Detroit/Windsor Tunnel – Detroit

I had a plum in my lunch and you took it. You said it was from Chile and so you had to confiscate it. I wish you had searched me but you didn’t. Do you always work at the number 6 line? Maybe next time we can get that search on. I’ll bring the fruit.

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