America’s Been Punk’d!


That’s right, Donald Trump’s involvement in the 2016 presidential race has all been an elaborate prank set up by Ashton Kutcher for an episode of his hit TV show Punk’d which will be making a return to MTV early next year.

“We had a great time filming for this episode, we thought people might catch on when Trump said on national television that he had a big penis, but I guess politics have become so ridiculous that it didn’t seem too out of the ordinary” said Kutcher

The US government was thrilled when Kutcher presented them with the idea to “punk” the nation by having Donald Trump run for president.

“Since the election process is just for show anyways, we thought we would make it extra entertaining this time around by having a racist misogynistic megalomaniac in the mix. The Illuminati chose Hilary a long time ago, but what America does or doesn’t know will hurt it regardless” said Lucifer Son of the Dawn

The only problem is Kutcher doesn’t know where to take the show now that he’s punk’d the nation, but it’s only a temporary problem.

“Ashton expressed concern after taping this episode because he didn’t know how he was gonna top pranking the entire US, but I told him that it didn’t matter because the end of days is near. The rapture is coming. Muahahahahah! Fools! Fools! All of you are April Fools!!!” Said George Bush Sr.

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