Missed Connections – Volume 3


Missed Connection – Sunday – Metro Airport – Detroit

You checked my boarding pass. I checked your ass. I didn’t mean that to rhyme, but it did. I think that’s a sign. You work at at gate 7B. My carry-on was too big, remember? That’s not all that’s big. I was wearing a red and white sweater if that helps. You know, like Waldo. Come find me. I get back to Detroit on Friday. Meet me at Champps if you’re game.

Missed Connections – Tuesday – Downtown Ferndale

Julie I saw you with that mother fucker Bruce! Walking into Buffalo Wild Wings, WTF, you hate that place! Please take me back! I slashed his tires. I’ll be on your porch, call me <3

Missed Connections – Thursday – City Hall – Hazel Park

I paid my water bill a few days late, but noticed that you didn’t charge me a late fee. I’d like to pay you back if you don’t mind. I was wearing a bright Red Wings hoodie. Do you live around here? If you ever see me around town don’t by shy. I can’t wait to pay my next water bill. I’m going to go home and flush the toilet right now.

Missed Connections – Friday – Rusty Nail – Warren

Nothing is hotter than a woman with some ink. I would like to make a movie with you called Lady and the Tramp Stamp.

Missed Connections- Monday – 7/11 – Monroe

I sat in the car and drank my slurpee because this is as close as I can get to you. I don’t know why you put that restraining order on me Jeremy. I told you I didn’t mean to hurt your sister. I didn’t recognize her since she died her hair. I love your sister. I thought it was some new girlfriend or something. You don’t have a new girlfriend do you? I’ll kill that bitch. Anyway, miss you.

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