3 Killer Date Ideas for the Romantically Challenged


Hey there, tiger! Struggling to come up with that perfect date idea to swoon your sweetiepie? Well, look no further, buster! We have three great ideas right here!

Fun: The Zoo

We know from science that most animals have only one expression. To illustrate: eagles always look angry even though they can fly. This is because they have a bad attitude. By contrast, your many expressions will show that you are a dynamic person with a good attitude and a face. For maximum effect, try to demonstrate as many expressions as possible. For example, go from coyly interested to mischievously flirty to happy then distant before finally settling on disappointed–like a relationship.

Thoughtful: The Museum

Flooded with the belongings of all those people, who — whatever their station, their hopes, their dreams and their sorrows — are forever lost to the depths of time, the museum will remind you and your date that your lives too will disappear into that eternal nowhere. Fleeting whispers, and then silence always.

This is especially effective if the date isn’t going so well, as it puts things into perspective. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not that big a deal! No sweat! Doesn’t matter.

Nothing matters…

Classic: Dinner and a Movie

If you’re like most people, you’re average. Why grasp at some unattainable mirage of happiness when you can settle for Netflix and chilling with someone who isn’t that interested in you as much as you aren’t that interested in them?

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