Comedy Gym: Those Who Can, Do. Those Who Can’t Ask Stu: Vol.22


Welcome to the another edition of ‘Those Who Can, Do. Those Who Can’t Ask Stu.’ Each edition I do my best to answer questions about comedy or life in general. Feel free to send any questions to I will do my best to enrich your life (or make you eat it on a extreme level). Thanks for reading.

Stu McCallister

People can also ask questions about everyday things in life. I will try to answer in a non-jackassery way. No guarantees though.

Question #1
What was your earliest experience listening to or seeing standup comedy? –EK

My house never had standup played in it. My parents were pretty reserved people. Classical music flowed through the house. My older brother had no interest in comedy. I enjoyed being funny and being goofy. It never occurred to me that comedy could be a profession. I bought an Eddie Murphy tape through Columbia House when I was a kid. Eddie was great. Loved his voices and characters. I watched SNL with my dad. We’d laugh and think of dumb skits ourselves. When I was a senior in high school I got tickets to see Sam Kinison at a concert hall in Buffalo, NY. He was AMAZING! But it really wasn’t til I was in my 30’s that I thought I could do something like that. And ya know what? I still can’t! BOOM! Roast mode… Next question…

Question #2
Why in Lunchables, are the meat and crackers round, but the cheese is rectangular? – LL

I have no idea. But here is what ya do. Put the meat and cheese on a cracker and shove the whole thing in your mouth like a savage! Or stop eating kid food. Next question…

Question #3
When should I post videos on social media? –AA

Well, I do a horrible job with this myself. I know I need to tape (Who even uses the word tape anymore? That shows you how often I record my sets.) myself more. But here is my suggestion to people. Be very particular about what ya post. Especially the newer you are. When you are new you are just excited about having performed. You don’t realize that your material isn’t that good. So what ya can do is make your post private or unlisted. Not everyone needs to see it. Make sure the video is good quality- sound and lighting. Make sure you are in focus. Make sure the camera isn’t bouncing around. Generally you can keep the clip down to 10 min or less. Not many bookers are going to look at something longer than that. Make sure your material is CLEANER! No one wants a shit ton of muthafuckah and racist jokes in it. Anyway, what do I know?

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