Top 5 Mind-Boggling Predictions for 2016


The New Year is upon us and it’s time to ponder the future.

Some forecasters play it safe by predicting Leonardo DiCaprio will finally win an Oscar for fighting a bear.

Not I.

Here are my five over-the-top predictions for 2016.

5. NBC Airs Live Musical Version of “Scarface”

With the huge success of “The Wiz Live!” the Peacock Network ups the ante with a song and dance version of the classic crime thriller.

Hugh Jackman plays gangster Tony Montana with earnest, belting out songs about drug trafficking and money laundering while playfully twirling a chain saw.

The powerful climax has the coked-up mobster singing a whimsical ballad called “Say Hello To My Little Friend” before unloading a t-shirt gun into the audience.

4. Caitlyn Jenner Marries Jake From State Farm

TMZ breaks the story of former Olympian Caitlyn Jenner’s secret nuptial with reclusive insurance huckster Jake.

A small ceremony of close friends and family takes place on a secluded Hawaiian island. Dress is informal, as the bridesmaids wear beige pants and red shirts.

No one protests the union and the quaint ceremony is officiated by the Aflac duck.

3. President Obama Wins Cuba in Poker Game.

On a vacation to Cuba President Obama wins the Caribbean island in a high stakes poker hand with Raul Castro.

The pot, which started out with a rum factory and parts of Dade County, goes to Obama when he produces a straight flush.

The two men share a cigar while forming a transition plan that includes opening several McDonald’s and filming a reality show called “The Real Housewives of Havana.”

2. The L.A. Lakers Draft Pop Group One Direction

After a dismal 2015 season, the L.A. Lakers bring “Showtime” back to the Staples Center by drafting pop band One Direction.

The English-Irish group has no basketball skills, but that doesn’t matter. The boys save all of their energy for the half time show where they perform a greatest hits medley that blows the top off the roof.

Best of all, departed singer Zayn Malik rejoins the group when he is promised a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

1. Donald Trump Picks Steve Harvey as Running Mate

Comedian Steve Harvey is selected as Trump’s running mate and immediately declares “The Don” winner of the presidential race.

The two exchange celebratory high fives as Wayne Newton sings “Danke Schoen.”

After a windy acceptance speech, Trump is informed the actual election isn’t for another four months.

Harvey is hastily ushered into the boardroom and fired.

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