1 In 4 Americans Believe Thanksgiving Is Ruining Black Friday


REDMOND, WA – Matthew Wilson looked at his Black Friday purchases and sadly shook his head. He was unable to find all of the items on his Christmas list. “Thanksgiving dinner started late, and then I got sucked into an argument about the Seahawks with my wife’s father,” he sighed. “By the time I got to the store most of the good deals were gone.”

Wilson’s story played out countless times over the holiday weekend as thousands of Americans found their Black Friday plans interrupted by Thanksgiving obligations. A 2013 study showed that 1 out of 4 Americans believe Thanksgiving is undermining the spirit of Black Friday, and a growing number of people are saying no thanks.

Deborah Rice spent weeks planning her Black Friday. Following a dinner of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on Thursday afternoon, she hit three doorbusters sales and walked away with everything she wanted. “Those slick pro-turkey lobbyists try to tell you that Thanksgiving is about family,” she said. “But you don’t win your daughter’s love by sharing an overcooked turkey, you win it with the latest smartphone you can only afford on Black Friday.”

Best Buy manager Walter Rimley believes the Thanksgiving backlash is responsible for his store’s record sales over Black Friday weekend. “People are fed up with supermarkets and Big Farm forcing Thanksgiving down their throats, and they’re starting to push back,” he said.

Matthew Wilson has vowed to do things differently next year. He and his family have decided to forego Thanksgiving and celebrate Black Friday together. “We got so caught up in the drama that we forgot what was really important,” he said. “From now on we’re going to fully embrace traditional American values at 50-70% off, just like our founding fathers wanted.”

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