Pope Visits Chinatown Restroom


NEW YORK CITY – Pope Francis made an unscheduled stop in Chinatown on Friday following his visit to the 9/11 Memorial Museum, when he told his driver that he needed to use the restroom. The motorcade pulled over and Pope Francis was ushered inside the store closest to his vehicle, a café called Shanghai Bubble Tea Shop.

The visit immediately hit a snag when the store’s owner, Lou Kang, enforced the “customers only” rule for using the restroom. Several confusing minutes followed as Pope Francis’ translator had to explain the policy to him, as well as explain what bubble tea was and then help pick out a flavor. When the Pope finally settled on Kumquat Lemon they hit another snag: cash only.

Kang stood by his policies. “If I made an exception for him, I’d have to make an exception for everyone” he said. “They’d say ‘you let the Pope use your restroom without buying something, so why should I have to?’ and they’d be right.”

The papal entourage managed to scrape together the $5.49 needed to pay for the drink, and Pope Francis used the restroom before resuming his whirlwind tour. He later commented that the bubble tea was “delicious” and that the restroom was “very neat.”

Kang isn’t surprised by the pope’s down-to-earth attitude. “He gets that I’m trying to run a business, just like him. He really is the People’s Pope.”

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