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Welcome folks to my review of the TV show Bloodline. Each week I (along with my partner Jen Dama) will review an episode of the show and give you some insight into the show. Just letting you guys know now spoilers will probably happen so you might want to watch the show beforehand or maybe you just don’t care enough about spoilers.

So here we go…

Episode 2– So on to Episode 2 of Bloodline. Epsiode 1 ended with a bang! It looked like John killed Danny by setting him and a boat on fire. Nice right? Of course this was one big flashforward so who knows when this event will happen, so we are stuck watching until it gets to something exciting.

I can’t lie to you folks I had to watch this episode twice. I kept looking at my phone and social media because it was full of emptiness.

So here is the rundown. Danny never actually left (If he did where would this series even go?! He is the catalyst for any conflict.) because he wanted to say goodbye to his dad. He gets picked up by his buddy Eric O’Bannon and they eventually do some crime (stealing gas).

Danny meets up with his dad Rob, who just happens to be kayaking by, and they talk. Later in the episode Rob suffers a stroke and it looks like maybe Danny hit him as it is revealed that Rob abused Danny as a kid. (Ooooooo tension.) He also seems to have a nasty pain killer addiction which a doctor reveals to John. HIPPA violation? Probably…

Kevin is the hothead of the family and is most like his father Rob. He blames Danny for their father being in the hospital and beats on him towards the end of the show. Also it appears as though he is getting a divorce as his wife drops him off at the office and tells Kevin that his ‘parents deserves to know.’ Kevin sleeps at the office and apparently throws coke parties for groups of one.

John starts to investigate a murder (seen in the 1st episode). The body is revealed as a teenage Hispanic girl who has numerous burns on her body but apparently drowned. She is also missing her right leg from the knee down. No one seems to ask about this. As I’m watching it I yelling ‘What happened to her leg?!’ John later begins to remember the trauma that Danny suffered from their dad.

Sally remembers the abuse Danny suffered by having flashbacks of the hospital when Danny was a teenager.

Meg has little to know influence at all on this episode. Sooner or later she is gonna sleep around with someone again.

Eric O’Bannon’s sister Chelsea is introduced as a possible love interest to Danny. She flashes him her ass. Nothing good will come of it.

The episode ends with another flashforward of Kevin giving John an untraceable gun. Like a cop couldn’t get one on his own. Anyway Episode 1 ended with John saying to not be judged. ‘We are good people who did bad things.’ Episode 2 should have ended with ‘Don’t judge us. We are good actors in a bad show.’ This series apparently has been picked up for a second season. I am not sure how this will go further than the 13 already done. Why has anyone watched this show?! Right now I’d rather watch paint dry. See you next week for episode 3.

Jen’s Review

Last week I said:
“First, I want to point out that Kevin kind of looks and acts like the love child of Dog the Bounty Hunter and Dr. Steve Brule.”

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 10.32.48 AM

This week’s episode was dedicated to reinforcing that assessment.

The main conflict in this episode is that Danny (who was supposed to be out of town by now after his siblings voted him off the island) confronted his dad, Robert, while on an isolated piece of land along his kayaking route. Next thing you know, Robert is unconscious in the hospital with a head injury and Danny is in an arm sling. The boys think Danny had something to do with their father’s injury. Danny and the doctors in the hospital maintain that the injury was due to a stroke resulting in a kayaking accident. Sally and Meg are just trying to keep everything from getting even more out-of-hand.

Kevin the Bounty Hunter-Brule spends most of the episode raging against Danny and playing ‘bad cop’ opposite to John’s seemingly ‘good cop.’ He also is wearing a ‘Florida Keys’ t-shirt and a shark tooth necklace in this episode to, I guess, remind viewers that this show takes place in the Keys.

On a side-note, John has a scene in the city morgue where the coroner reveals the burned body of the woman the police found floating in the mangroves. The coroner calls her, wait for it, ‘Juanita Doe.’ Really?

Despite revealing that Danny is addicted to pain killers, involved with some sort of shady gasoline siphoning scheme, and just not very good with ‘goodbyes,’ this episode lays the groundwork to the possibility that Danny isn’t the bad guy after all, but is actually the victim of some sort of abuse at the hands of his brothers and father.

Talk about putting the ‘FU’ in ‘Dysfunctional.’

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