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Welcome folks to my review of the TV show Bloodline. Each week I (along with my partner Jen Dama) will review an episode of the show and give you some insight into the show. Just letting you guys know now spoilers will probably happen so you might want to watch the show beforehand or maybe you just don’t care enough about spoilers.

So here we go…

Episode 1– Not gonna lie I didn’t know anything about the show before I started watching it. Bloodline is a show that came out in Feb 2015. Netflix has a great reputation for shows (House of Cards and Daredevil). They can get away with lots of things as a result (Lots of swearing and some nudity which was only a man’s ass which is totally gross.) so I was excited. As the 1st show went along I was disappointed.

But let’s get down to the nitty gritty of the show. Bloodline revolves around a rich Florida family; the Rayburns. Robert (played by Sam Shepard who was in something) and Sally (Played by Sissy Spacek. No pig’s blood so far.) are the patriarch and matriarch of the clan. They have 4 kids: Dan, John (Side note John is played by the guy who plays the coach in Friday Night Lights. Never watched that show and probably never will. People say it is good but I don’t care.), Kevin and the youngest Meg.

Robert and Sally own a hotel in the Keys of Florida. It is the kind of place you find on TripAdvisor and give 5 stars. It is referred to as a ‘paradise’ in the first 5 minutes. It is the 45 anniversary of the hotel and all the kids are coming home to celebrate. But of course there is trouble a brewing.

And this is what makes this show like every other night time soap opera you have seen. Think along the lines of Dallas, Dynasty, Falcon Crest. I really had no interest in this show as a result. It was by the book writing. Dan is a screwup (past legal issues, apparently some mental health issues) that causes trouble, John is the one you expect to keep everybody safe (town sheriff who also narrates the story), Kevin is a drunk loudmouth, Meg is messing around on her fiancé who is also one of John’s deputy. Mom and dad just kind of wash their hands of Dan. You can see how things start to intertwine. You know the conflict, you know who to not trust.

There is a murder in the middle and you figure Dan did it because he is crazy. There are some flashforwards to lead you to believe where the story is going. I actually couldn’t wait for this episode to be over.

But then the last 3 minutes pulled me back in. I was like ‘WOAH!’ And Netflix was like ‘Yeah, we know. We did it! We saved the episode!’

So my advice to you is to just read the review and then watch the last 3 minutes of the episode. Then go watch House of Cards or Daredevil. I just saved you 57 minutes of your life. I’m a life saver… Like John. Or maybe not… See you next week for my review of Episode 2.

Jen’s Draft

What’s missing from the internet? Opinions. There’s just not enough of them out there. So, Stu McCallister and I are going to do you all a giant favor and give you some of ours via TV recaps.

Our first show to tackle is the Netflix original series Bloodline.

Bloodline: Season 1: Episode 1
Set in the Florida Keys, this family drama has a unique feel.
It has the dark tones of HBO’s ‘True Detective,’ the soap opera mystery of Showtime’s ‘The Affair,’ and is packaged up like a Jimmy Buffett song that didn’t get make it on to any of his albums because it was too much of a buzzkill. I mean that as a compliment.

Meet the Rayburns
Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 10.32.06 AM
Left to Right: Meg, Sally, Robert, Kevin, John, and Danny

First, I want to point out that Kevin kind of looks and acts like the love child of Dog the Bounty Hunter and Dr. Steve Brule.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 10.32.48 AM

Also, the actor who plays John (Kyle Chandler) played Gary Hobson in Early Edition. I had a crush on him when I was younger and would often recap those episodes…in my dreams.
Anyway, this pilot episode was basically setting the stage for the drama to unfold in episodes to come. Danny is a screwup, John has a hero complex and feels responsible for keeping harmony within the family, Kevin is just an angry hunk, ya dingus, and Meg is, uh, popular – all the while, Mom and Dad just can’t even.

I’m curious about how the seahorse necklace ghost lady, the drunk girl with the spider tattoo, and the mangrove floater are connected, if at all. Clearly Danny is the link – OR IS HE?!

I think the real mystery is why John is wearing a cheesy Florida Keys tourist t-shirt while fishing with Danny when he’s been a lifelong resident of the Florida Keys.
All and all, I think people need to chill out and cut Danny some slack. We have all woken up butt-naked and hungover on a dock in front of our parents’ prestigious B&B. If I were one of the guests, I would have given The Rayburn House an extra star just for that on my online review titled: “Bed, Breakfast, and a Show.”

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 10.33.19 AM

Yeah, this episode was a lot of set up, but I argue that you need that foundation so you can build the action on top of it. I say the setup paid off and we were rewarded when the show ended with a bang. I look forward to seeing where this goes. If you haven’t started the show yet, do it now and #FEELTHErayBURN.

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