Local Punk Rock Bar to Offer DIY Bartending


Lansing, MI — In an effort to create a more authentic punk experience, local music venue Mic’s Bar has begun offering DIY bar tending, wherein patrons may pour and mix their own drinks.

“We’ve found that our patrons simply don’t have the financing to use the frivolous services required by bar employees,” reported bar owner Mark Currie. “So in the true rebel spirit we began instituting another of measures aimed at creating a more authentic, affordable punk rock experience.”

The decision has become very popular with local music fans.

“Through this new DIY system, I’ve saved enough money where I’ve been able to tip my bartender five times as much!” reported customer/amateur bartender John Roosevelt.

While popular among the fans, perhaps the most support for the measure comes from the musicians themselves.

“I’m sick and tired of having to remind everyone to thank their bartender,” reported Justin Klaus, lead singer of Punk Up and Die. “Everyone wants to applaud for themselves anyway, so this is just another reason to let them.”

Although popular among patrons, the bar was recently levied a hefty $1000 fine for allowing underage drinking, in part due to the DIY ID-check.

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