Fitness in a Flash with Paolo v.22


Paolo Busignani is an Exercise Physiologist by trade.

Paolo Busignani

Meaning it sounds like he’s smart, but no one really knows what he does. He is qualified to answer your fitness questions because he wears tight black shirts and warm up pants.

Dear Paolo
What exercises can you do for saggy breasts?

Dear Joan,
The best exercise to get saggy breasts is called the Ben and Jerry’s technique. It involves sitting on a soft surface for hours at a time while using your arms as a lever to move ice cream from the container to your mouth. If you already have saggy breasts, you can rest them on your shoe while you’re walking as sort of an ankle weight. It has been utilized by groupies from the 80’s bands KISS and Motley Cru. It helps develop stability and strength in the anterior tibialis.

Dear Paolo,
Why is it easier for guys to lose weight than it is for women?

Dear Carol,
Women tend to carry a little more weight as it has helped with rearing children. Men seem to drop weight quicker due to the amount of running from their wives after mentioning that they put on baby weight.

Dear Paolo,
I want to lose weight and see some changes in my body composition. What can I do?

Dear PJ,
The shark technique has been utilized by surfers, fishermen, and old people visiting Florida. You start off by rubbing yourself with chum and going for a swim in the Ocean. Sharks will think of you as a meal and take a bite out of your love handles, leaving you with a svelte midsection.

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