Fitness in a Flash with Paolo v.21


Paolo Busignani is an Exercise Physiologist by trade.

Paolo Busignani

Meaning it sounds like he’s smart, but no one really knows what he does. He is qualified to answer your fitness questions because he wears tight black shirts and warm up pants.

Dear Paolo,
What is the “training-sensitive” zone?

Dear Carl,

With the politically correct movement sweeping across our country like the bubonic plague to satisfy girly-men and people with nothing better to do, trainers across America are changing exercise terminology. For example, “hitting the weights” will now be referred to as “gently giving impetus to an object in order to achieve better fitness”. “Heavy cardio” will now be referred to as “emotional exercising”. Several political leaders across America have decided to drop the term “powerlifting” as it may upset those who are unable to lift up heavy weights and replace it with the more politically correct term “lifting and yelling loudly while not hurting the weights feelings”.

Dear Paolo
Can you recommend any exercises to get rid of my sagging chin?

Dear Shirley,
It is well known that excessive talking will stretch the skin under the chin and lead to the appearance of a double chin. This has cursed Mother-In-Laws for centuries. The best exercise for this would be to severely limit the amount of things that you say while visiting your family.

Dear Paolo
I like to exercise outside but I am an albino (Irish) and very sensitive to the sun. Which sunscreen is the best?

Dear Shamus,
Modern science has made many developments in the world of sunburn prevention. There is a sunscreen from a hipster run company, DB unlimited, called “hot blocker”. It has a mixture of licorice, lavender and cow manure. It has shown fabulous results in lab tests for keeping the sun, and anyone else off of you.

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