Fitness in a Flash with Paolo v.19


Paolo Busignani is an Exercise Physiologist by trade.

Paolo Busignani

Meaning it sounds like he’s smart, but no one really knows what he does. He is qualified to answer your fitness questions because he wears tight black shirts and warm up pants.

Dear Paolo,
What do you think of negative training? It’s where you deal with a lot of negatives in your workout.

Dear Charlie,
Negative training is when you exercise with your Mother in Law. I’m a firm believer in being positive. So let’s be positive, Charlie. I think research has demonstrated that those who exercise with a positive attitude exhibits positive results. At least I think that’s what it demonstrates, I can’t be positive.

Dear Paolo,
I don’t do any kind of physical activity, but I watch my diet and I’m not overweight. Isn’t that enough?

Dear Scarlett,
Frankly, my dear. I don’t give a damn. You need to incorporate physical activity into your life. The benefits of physical activity have been proven time and time again, I’m just not sure what they are right now. Either way, get out of the house and start moving!

Dear Paolo,
What if I have an injury or health problem that keeps me from exercising for a while? How do I know if it’s safe for me to start again?

Dear Rachel,
If you have a pulse, you are healthy enough to exercise. Several hospitals incorporate physical therapy to their coma patients to stop muscle wasting. They have also developed fetaerobics for babies that haven’t been born yet. Fetaerobics is for babies or Albanian goat farmers, I can never remember. Either way, if you are breathing, exercise is for you.

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