Career Day Helps Students Decide Which Job to Be Disillusioned By


Twin Falls, Idaho – Exploring a variety of different options for its students’ future, local high school Washington High offered a career day last Tuesday to help students decide the future they will ultimately become disillusioned by.

“We try to help students find the career path that they will love,” reported Margaret Zimmerman, “and help them come to the crushing realization that no matter which path they choose they will ultimately be unhappy.”

The day began with numerous volunteers arriving at Washington to discuss the unseen difficulties of their day to day life.

“I spend my day helping people.” reported James Lawrence, a local police officer. “Typically, this help is received with violence, hatred, and accusations of racism.”

In the afternoon, students were invited to approach the volunteers for a more in depth, personal look at the depression they can earn from specific jobs.

“When I grow up, I want to be an accountant just like my dad!” reported ninth grader Clarence Asmus. “I can’t wait to spend so much of my life focusing on how I’m not making a real difference!”

At the end of the day, students were gifted with a treat as their teacher explained what her job may be like.

“Look around you today students,” addressed teacher Claire Peters, “and the misery that comes from teaching will be self evident.”

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