Fitness in a Flash with Paolo v.17


Paolo Busignani is an Exercise Physiologist by trade.

Paolo Busignani

Meaning it sounds like he’s smart, but no one really knows what he does. He is qualified to answer your fitness questions because he wears tight black shirts and warm up pants.

Dear Paolo,
Isn’t it better for older adults to “take it easy” and save their strength?

Dear Phil,
If you are an older adult, then you’ve spent your whole life saving your strength and it’s time to unleash it. Think of your strength like a bank account, what’s the use of saving it all if you can’t spend it? I recommend empting that account, Phil, and start MMA fighting. The intensity of the training will make up for lost time.

Dear Paolo,
Do I get enough physical activity in my day job? I feel bloated when I sit around too much.

Dear Marcy,
It really depends on what your day job is. A person, who sits at a desk all day, doesn’t burn nearly the same calories as a pole dancer who is on and off their feet constantly. If you do feel bloated though, I suggest becoming an equipment manager for the New England Patriots. You will feel deflated in no time.

Dear Paolo,
I get tired easily. What is the best physical activity for me?

Dear Biff,
I suggest an old Eastern European technique called “power sleeping”. It involves sleeping with weights tied to you. That way, whenever you move, you will have to resist the weight and make incredible gains in the process. This is perfect for the person who is either bed ridden or otherwise easily fatigued.

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