Couple Celebrating 70th Anniversary Turned Away From Restaurant Because Their Relationship Status Is Not Posted On Social Media


Los Angeles, CA – Last Saturday evening, Granada Hills couple Margie and Ralph Fogie traded in their orthopedic sneakers for orthopedic dress shoes in anticipation of a night (well, technically a late afternoon) out on the town to celebrate their seventieth wedding anniversary. They arrived at The Love Shack Restaurant Bar and Grill, only to be turned away because the couple’s status could not be found on social media.

The Fogies arrived fifteen minutes early for their four o’clock dinner reservation in anticipation of enjoying a hot tea at the bar prior to their meal. However, when the maître d, Sy Knowbetter tried to pull up their reservation, he discovered that they were not listed on any form of social media. He freaked out and asked the couple to leave immediately because he, “must be in the middle of another stress dream,” and they clearly did not actually exist.

Margie and Ralph were confused and when questioned about their profile pictures, they frantically showed off wallet-sized photos of their grand-kids and even pulled out their son’s 1969 high school graduation portrait which was just a pair of bellbottoms with a mustache.

The couple was devastated that they could not enjoy their 70th anniversary linner at The Love Shack.

“This was our spot,” eighty-eight year old Margie explained. “We met at the bar in 1945. And every ten years, we came back to The Shackle of… The Long Pack… The… what was it, Ralphie?” “The Love Shack, Margie. It’s The. Love. Shack.” Ralph corrected.” “Right, The Love Shack,” Margie continued.” “It was our spot. The Love Shackle was our spot.”

The Fogies have now spent twenty Skype sessions with their grandchildren in order to set up Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. The first picture the pair posted was of Ralph’s thumb which was blocking the camera during the couple’s attempt at a selfie.

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