Camping Trip Really Makes You Appreciate How Ancestors Drank


A recent camping trip to Crystal Lake Trailer Park significantly increased one group’s appreciation for how people in the past consumed alcohol.

“When you go to a bar, you honestly don’t realize how lucky you are,” reported Matt Trainor, a member of the group. “Most of the time you can get someone to pour your beer for you, but when you’re in the rough and tough natural world, you need to get your own cans.”

Later that trip, the men came to appreciate how long their ancestors had to drive to obtain McDonalds.

“We got to experience the fun activities that our forefathers did to pass the time,” said Johnathan Gordon, another member of the trip. “Like pouring small amounts of beer over the fire and watching it sizzle.”

Gordon later threw his can into the fire, reporting that this was the method of recycling in the distance past.

“I’ve drank on my porch before,” reported Trainor, “but this adds a whole new amount of complexity we don’t appreciate. When I’m cold, I can just go into my heated house. But all my ancestors had was their trailers!”

On the third night of the camping trip, the group realized that they neglected to bring a bottle opener, so they scrapped the camping trip in favor of going to the bars.

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