absrdCOMEDY’s #CheeseAPromTheme via #SpeedTagging: The Top Picks


This week, I wanted to beat a certain late night game to the punch. Since this is prom season, I decided I wanted to make things cheesy. I wanted to read some of your #CheeseAPromTheme. This week’s top 10 – and some honorable mentions – in 20 minutes will receive a coveted ‘aaron says what’ podcast t-shirt!!

Here are my 10 favorite, in no particular order:

I’m sorry @davidamackey, he beat you to it! (barely)

HONORABLE MENTIONS to some big supporters of #SpeedTagging,the podcast and other games:

There were many like it…but she was the first:

Even though he can’t stay awake…@vasego1

and one from the host that can go a guaranteed 20 minutes:

Special thanks again to @TheHashtagGame & @absrdNEWS for all you do!!

Please DM me your shirt size and a way to send it!

If you’re a big supporter of #SpeedTagging and the podcast, and you think I robbed you of your t-shirt…Please reach out! I’m pretty easy to work with.

Thanks for playing! See you next week, 11pm Eastern /10 Central /8 Pacific, for the fastest 20 minutes on Twitter. If you miss me, be sure and catch me on my podcast. If you made the list, you made the podcast (and won a t-shirt)! I Can’t wait until next week to see what you have to say – in under 140 characters! All my info, including how to subscribe to the podcast & how to buy a tshirt are here: www.aswpodcast.com

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