NFL Rolls Out Their New “You’re Gay? Let’s Play!” Campaign


After many months of drafting, the NFL is finally launching its latest campaign aimed at opening up the sport of football to the LGBT Community. The campaign is called ‘You’re gay? Let’s play!’ and comes a year after Michael Sam became the first openly gay player to be drafted into the NFL.

“We wanted to create a safe and inviting outlet for LGBT youth to participate and compete at the high school level or above,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said. “Apparently, people don’t choose to be gay, but they sure can choose to play football. Or not, it’s up to them.”

Mr. Goodell confirmed that prior to the campaign launch, a few high schools were chosen to pilot the new program.

“The response has been overwhelming!” said Mr. Goodell.

Under the campaign guidelines, coaches at the high school and college level are asked to walk around campus searching for kids that are a part of the LGBT community. Once found, the coaches say in a loud, clear, and confident voice, “You’re gay? Let’s play!”

“The kids feel so special that we are singling them out,” said Coach Evan Connors of Jimmy Smits High School in San Bernardino County, CA. “The kids look at you with their eyes wide open and feel pride when we call them out and invite them to play football. It really is a special moment. Once we get the kids into their football equipment we provide them with their very own rainbow colored uniform.”

When asked why the uniforms had to be rainbow colored, Coach Connors replied, “They don’t HAVE to be that color, but it shows our dedication to inclusiveness.”

We asked Coach Connors if he feels that the campaign has been a success at his school.

“You know, it really is a success,” he said. “You should see these kids. Most of them start crying and falling to the ground while others shout, ‘Are you serious!’ And I always tell them, yes! Yes, we are serious. We are serious about football and we are serious about your gayness.”

Michael Sam was unavailable for comment.

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