Aaron Hernandez Named MVP Of All-Con Team


MVP (Most Valuable Prisoner) on this year’s Sporting News All-Con Team. Despite being convicted only days earlier and being incarcerated for only a short time, The Sporting News felt by showing up promptly for court appearances, Hernandez displayed the “Con do” spirit one looks for in an All Con MVP. The award also cited Hernandez for signing autographs of his trading cards and mug shots for fellow prisoners. Joining Hernandez on the All-Con Team are New Orleans Saints CB Darren Sharper, and the entire Cincinnati Bengal franchise, including concession employees.

The Sporting News also said Hernandez clearly is in the running to join Nebraska great Lawrence Phillips, Ram Defensive Back Darryl Henley, Charger QB Ryan Leaf, Eagles/Jets QB Michael Vick, for the All-Time All-Con Team and have his prison number retired.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell added in addition to Hernandez’s life sentence the NFL had suspended Hernandez for two games.

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