Man Boldly Shares Pro Vaccine Status To Entirely Pro Vaccine Friend Circle


West Chesterfield, CT – In the midst of a heated debate of the effectiveness and potential harm of vaccines, a local man, Thomas Carlson, boldly shared a humorous pro-vaccine video to an entire circle of people who already believe in the effectiveness of vaccines.

“The video is a BuzzFeed comedy video, ‘What Anti-Vaccers Must Think In Other Situations,'” reported Carlson. “And this goes out to all those people I’ve heard of on the internet and stuff that don’t support vaccinating their children!”

Carlson noted, although a very small percentage of his social media circle actually had children approaching vaccine age, people could “always be sucked into the Jenny McCarthy lies.”

“I’m not even a doctor,” noted Carlson. “I just consider myself a local hero.”

The man finished his day by posting a video from “The Daily Show” explaining a hypocrisy of “Fox News” to his mainly liberal followers.

His conservative aunt declined to comment.

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