absrdCOMEDY’s #IFreakedWhenI via #SpeedTagging: The Top Picks


Welcome to #SpeedTagging week 18

We have all had those moments when we lose composure…and I wanted to hear your #IFreakedWhenI…#IFreakedWhenI had a DM from @absrdNEWS saying I tweeted out two separate tags…so I included those too…oops. Somehow I managed to pick my top 10. Here they are, in no particular order:

An honorable mention…because she may have been late to my game for the same reason maybe?:

And one from me:

Thanks for playing! See you next week, 11pm Eastern /10 Central /8 Pacific, for the fastest 20 minutes on Twitter. If you miss me, be sure and catch me on my podcast – My profile always has the links. If you made the list, you made the podcast! I Can’t wait until next week to see what you have to say – in under 140 characters! Please be sure to Tweet @twitter and @support to get the ‘1’ dropped off my name.

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