Legal Advice from Mike The Law Guy*: Vol.8


*NOTE: Michael (Mike) Blackman is by no means an actual board certified attorney or comedian. Rather, he is a self-proclaimed law aficionado and comedy fan in general. His opinions do not reflect those of the absrdCOMEDY.COM staff or any of its contributors.

 Mike the Law Guy*

Mike the Law Guy*

“Are there laws that allow fast food chains to restrict the amount of free refills?”
– Remy, 24, California

MB: See “Brown Soda” V. Bored of Education of 1954.

“Is it true that animals are banned from publicly mating within 1,500 feet of a tavern, school or place of worship?”
– Heather, 35, Louisiana

MB: Yes. In every state but New Jersey.

“How did you get interested in law?”
– Mary, 43, Wisconsin

MB: My cousin Vinny was a lawyer. No, seriously.

“Are there any clients you would refuse to represent based on your personal ethical or moral reasons?”
-Ashley, 33. Rhode Island

MB: Robert Durst… Fred Durst… The Gangnam Style guy.

“Is it illegal operate a motor vehicle while blindfolded?”
Karen, 45. Michigan

MB: Unfortunately “50 Shades of Grey” has cost many motorist their lives this year.

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