Zombies CAN Take It With Them


Editors Note: RIP is not a tax professional, despite Googling his research. As such, following the advice here may result in your going to prison.

Benjamin Franklin once said: “There are only two certainties in life – death and taxes.” Making this time of year a very real certainty for Zombies. With tax day approaching like the stereotypical horde, to take a huge bite out of everyone’s wallets, what is an enterprising Zombie to do?

The most important tax tip for the up-and-coming Zombie has to deal with Inheritance Tax.

“Inheritance Tax should be the least of our concerns, given it only becomes payable once we have departed this world,” says Rachel Dunne, a student CPA from Brooklyn. “In practice, however, it does matter because of the financial effect on beneficiaries, which in most cases are someone else. But, they should be ourselves.”

If a person pre-planned their estate and zombification, they could name themselves as beneficiaries. Of course, Zombies don’t require the things money can buy, but having a shelter, and cash to get delivery can help.

Federal Guidelines state inheritance taxes don’t hit someone, unless the estate is worth over $5.4 million. However, individual states may still take a chunk when the amount is lower.

“Of course, by claiming yourself as beneficiary, which is legal under Federal Personal Estate Tax Exemption rules,” says Rachel, “and being buried in a state that doesn’t claim taxes, can be a useful loophole.”

Currently, Kansas, North Carolina, Ohio and Oklahoma are the only states that don’t collect Estate Taxes. So make your funeral arrangements in one of these States.

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