Study Shows Women Over 40 Still Attractive


NEW HAVEN, CT – A groundbreaking study by researchers at Yale University indicates that women of a certain age are just as likely to be considered attractive as their younger counterparts, a feat once thought limited to the rich and famous.

A thousand men, between the ages 18 and 65, were shown dozens of photos of ordinary women, half of them under 30 and the other half over 40, and asked to rate their attractiveness as “hell no,” “maybe after a few drinks,” or “dude, I’d totally hit that.” Both groups scored highest in the “hit that” range, with only 5% of women under 30 and 8% of women over 40 rating a solid “no.”

“This could fundamentally change how we define attractive women,” said Eric Lundt, co-author of the study. “We’ve always assumed that age was the determining factor in a woman’s level of attractiveness. Celebrities were always the exception to the rule due to their ability to pay for personal trainers and extensive cosmetic surgery, but we now have evidence that women without access to these things still retain their attractiveness despite living in a society that traditionally worships youth.”

The study also indicates that female attractiveness is based on not one, but several qualities that include attire, hygiene and personality.

“Our findings support the old ‘age is just a number’ adage,” said Lundt. “That and ‘no fat chicks.’”

Studies on the attractiveness of men over 40 were not available.

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