Woman Insulted that Two Friends Didn’t Know About Her Promotion, Despite Posting About it on Facebook


In spite of sharing the big news on Facebook, two of Zoe Stanton’s friends were shocked to hear of her promotion at brunch on Saturday in Hell’s Kitchen.

“So excited to finally announce that I have been promoted to Senior Account Executive!!!!” read Zoe’s initial post on Tuesday afternoon. “Thanks to my amazing friends and family for their support and for always being there,” she added, followed by three purple heart emojis.

“I’m on Facebook all the time, and I can’t believe such important news didn’t show up on my newsfeed,” said Zoe’s sorority sister Devin, when approached for a comment. “I guess Zoe’s post was overshadowed by all that racist bullshit going on in the country. That stuff has really been clogging my feed lately.”

Zoe followed up her initial post with a picstitch collage of photos of her new corner office on Thursday evening.

“Check out my new office!! So happy!” she captioned the collage. “#byecubiclelife #hello401k #sunset.”

Despite getting 124 likes on her status and 47 likes on the picstitch, Zoe’s high school friend Marnie, also present at brunch, was caught off guard by Zoe’s casual mention of her new position.

“I rarely go on Facebook,” said Marnie.

“You’d think she would have texted me, or at least group texted her closest friends to share this kind of news,” she added, as she subtly scrolled through her Facebook newsfeed under the table.

At time of press, Zoe was seen looking into how to sponsor your Facebook posts without them saying “Sponsored.”

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