New Jersey’s Great Adventure to “Vaccine-Free” Tuesdays


JACKSON, NJ – Great Adventure has always been well known for its ability to provide entertainment for all of its customers, regardless of their special needs. Starting with the 2015 season, park officials announced they will open the park on Tuesdays only for those wishing to visit in a “Vaccine-Free” environment. Admission will be limited to those families who have chosen not to vaccinate their children.

This is in response to concerns expressed by Emily Amnes-Canticum of the New Jersey Coalition for Vaccination Choice (NJCVC) to Jim Reid-Anderson, Chairman of the Board of the Six Flags corporation, in a January 27th email.

“NJCVC was established in February 2008 to unify individuals and give organizations a voice to the urgent need for parental informed consent to vaccinations,” said Amnes-Canticum. Additionally, NJCVC strongly opposes the state’s newest childhood vaccine mandates.”

“We agree that it’s a personal choice whether to vaccinate your children for diseases such as chicken pox, measles and mumps,” said Six Flags representative Sheila Jones, “and we’re not going to judge one way or the other. Our job is to provide a fun time for everyone.”

Great Adventure to “Vaccine-Free” Tuesdays

Emily Amnes-Canticum at a parade in New York City: “NYC could be vaccine free; is New Jersey next?”

According to Princeton biology Professor Mike Frelinghuysen, separating the vaccinated and unvaccinated makes sense.

“Under the circumstances, it might be best if those who are easily susceptible to infection are kept away from those who have been vaccinated,” he said. “Besides, who knows, the anti-vaccination crowd might be right when they say that vaccinations don’t work and cause other problems, but I doubt it. What could possibly go wrong?”

Great Adventure’s plan, which is listed in internal-documents as the “Final Solution,” is in response to recent outbreaks of measles in California’s Disneyland and California Adventure Park. To date, more than 59 cases of measles have been traced back to people who have visited the parks, including five staff members.

“We believe strongly in your right to make a personal choice as to whether or not to vaccinate your children, and we don’t think they should ever be penalized due to your decision,” said Jones. “We just want everyone to have a great time at Great Adventure!”

In other news, Six Flags representatives announced the park will be completely shut down on Wednesdays in 2015 so all areas can be completely bleached by Haz-Mat-R-Us, Inc., a Freehold company.

*Both Todd Wachtel (co-author), Esq. and Joey Novick were vaccinated before working together on this story.

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