Trevor Presents: Best Super Bowl XLlX Commercials


As an advertising major in college I have to say that the Super Bowl XLlX had the most emotional commercials than any previous Super Bowls ever.

From dead kids to a puppy almost being eaten by wolves it was extremely difficult for me to hold my tears back (I held them back easily because I’m a man). Thankfully there were plenty of funny and happy commercials to go along with the sappy romanticized advertisements. We here at absrdCOMEDY like to look at the bright and funny side of things so without further introduction here are the best Super Bowl XLlX commercials:

1. Coca-Cola #MakeItHappy

Seems like every advertisement these days is trying to shove hashtags down your throat to get you to advertise for them on social media. Coca-Cola managed to bring a positive twist to the Super Bowl and it was actually enjoyable to watch.

2. Dodge- 100 Years of Wisdom

100-year-old people giving awesome positive advice? I’m game. Another great positive commercial makes the list!

3. Skittles- Settle It

In this fictional town everyone seems to settle every argument by arm wrestling. Especially babies and dogs.

4. Esurance- Walter White the Pharmacist

Say my name.

I’m also adding this one to the list because Esurance sent me a pretty clever tweet pertaining to the commercial.

5. Clash of Clans- Liam Neeson’s Revenge

This 1 minute commercial was better than the entire 1 hour and 33 minute Taken 3.

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