NFL Centers Demanding A Please Before They Snap The Ball


NEW YORK, NY — Just about every year the National Football League (NFL) is adding new policies and guidelines to their “rulebook.” Often, these guidelines are to make the game safer for the players and to keep the loved ones of the players safe from said players. With that said, earlier this week a new controversial policy proposal made its way to NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell’s, desk. This new proposal is being spearheaded by a subgroup of the National Football League Player Association (NFLPA), the National Football League Center’s Association (NFLCA). The centers of the NFL decided that enough is enough and are demanding that the league’s quarterbacks must politely ask for the ball when they want it snapped.

We were able to catch a word with Denver Broncos center, Will Montgomery. When asked about his stance on the new proposal, he said, “Hey, don’t get me wrong, I love Peyton, but I don’t see why he can’t say please when he wants me to snap the ball. It’s always ‘Omaha this’ or ‘Omaha that,’ how about throwing a please in there.”

Many quarterbacks have already spoken out against the proposal, stating that it will affect their hard count. The NFLCA immediately fired back saying that you can use a “hard please.” Several quarterbacks who are on board with the proposal have been studying old “Sesame Street” and “Barney” film to learn how to properly say please.

Retired all-star center, Matt Birk, said that in his 10 seasons in Minnesota he didn’t get a single please before snapping the ball. Birk, being a Minnesota native, also mentioned he was quite disappointed that the unwritten rule of being “Minnesota Nice” was not in effect in the Vikings organization. Birk, who is very passionate about this issue, ended our interview by saying, “I personally believe that this policy could forever change the game of football for the better. We’re athletes, not animals.”

It’s obvious that this proposal has flared many emotions between the quarterbacks and the centers of the NFL, but now it’s up to commissioner Goodell to make the final call. The proposal has been nicknamed “the Barney Bill” and is attempting to trend on twitter under the hashtag #barneybill.

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