Zombie Gameshow To Air – Whose Memory Is It Anyway?


The History Channel just announced a new zombie game show, “Whose Memory Is This, Anyway?”, which pits two human contestants against three zombies.

Set to begin production in April 2015, Richard Dawson, of “Family Feud” fame, whose career had taken a downward spiral since his death in July, 2012, will host the show.

“We just have to be sure he doesn’t try his signature kisssing female contestant move,” says production manager Kas Thomas. “Not because we’re afraid he may bite them, just because it always seemed kinda creepy, even when he was alive.”

The shows premise is fairly straightforward. Each zombie is given a portion of the frontal and temporal lobes of a famous person, allowing them to access various memories. They access these memories to answer up to 10 questions about the famous person in the first two rounds. Also using the lobes to enhance their communication abilities.

The human must guess what person the zombies are describing in as few questions as possible.

The pot starts at $10,000 and is lowered by $1,000 for each question asked. The contestant with the highest pot at the end of round two goes on to the bonus round.

“The bonus round is where things get exciting,” says Thomas, “because we may learn things we never knew. In fact, it was through a home version I played with my family as a kid, that it was learned Herbert Hoover was a transvestite, and was the inspiration for the show.”

In the final round, the zombies are brought in and given another brain to feed upon from a random cadaver, which causes the zombies to confuse memories. The contestant is then given one question prepared by a fact checking panel, and allowed any one additional question of their own.

The zombie who is able to give the most accurate answer is shown to the viewers, and if the contestant guesses correctly, they triple their winnings. If the zombie is not chosen, the contestant takes home half their winnings, and the zombie gets the remaining brain matter.

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