Touching Tips: Gay Answers to Straight Questions Vol. 8


This is Travis. He is 25-year-old graphic designer and stand up comic. He wears glasses, listens to Spotify, likes sports and enjoys craft beer. Just like every normal person. Oh, and he’s gay.

Touching Tips: Gay Answers to Straight Questions

Everyone knows somebody that is gay. In Touching Tips, Travis will answer all those burning questions you’ve wanted to ask that gay friend but didn’t want to appear as if you voted for Mitt Romney or Michelle Bachmann. This is a judgment free zone.

Dear Travis,

Is it a requirement of everyone who is gay to be in a musical?

Theater Rat

Theater Rat,

While I certainly wouldn’t say it is a requirement that every gay person should be in a musical. Let’s be honest here. There wouldn’t be nearly half the talent on that stage if we didn’t gay the place up on a nightly basis.

Dear Travis,

What is the difference between someone who’s gay and someone who’s a hipster? The lines seem awfully blurred.

Blurred Lines

Dear Blurred Lines,

If you are like me, then one of your favorite bar games to play is “Gay or Hipster”. That’s where you try to guess if a person is gay or hipster. Be careful though, they could be one in the same.

It’s true; the lines are kind of blurry with hipsters dressing and sometimes even acting like gay people. The main difference I found between the two is that; while gay people can be quirky, flamboyant, bubbly, and all in all wonderful people. Hipsters are the everyday Mel Gibson’s in life. Just the worst.

Dear Travis,

What’s it like to be in a sword fight?

Alex K.

Dear Alex,

I can’t say that I’ve ever been in a sword fight before. However, I am quite fond of Lightsaber battles. I would challenge you to a duel, but I bet you’d be in for a bit of a surprise when it was time to “draw weapons” as they say.

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