A New Year, A New Hope for Zombies


Boston, MA – John Born announced his intent to run for Congress in 2016. What makes this such a momentous announcement is that he’s a Zombie.

In July of 1999, Born turned and has since been a strong supporter of Zombie rights, having campaigned for marriage equality, and was also a key witness at the Congressional hearings on Zombie hordes being defined as a pyramid scheme.

“That was perhaps his defining moment,” says Jackie Chin, Born’s campaign manager. “John just walked in, acting like he had no clue why he was speaking on Congressional matters. If that’s not candidate material, I don’t know what is.”

If elected, Born will be the first publicly known Zombie in politics since rumors of Bob Dole were spread back in 1996. However, not only were those rumors laid quickly to rest, but Zombiehood does not quite carry the same stigma as back then.

Listed as an Independent, Born’s platform is not just Zombie rights and equality, but he’s also a strong advocate for minimum wage increases, legalizing marijuana and hashtag warrior vet benefits.

Despite Born’s lack of political experience, his campaign is gaining traction. Current records show he has managed to raise nearly $40 through Kickstart, with both donors having received their “Born To Be Dead” coffee mugs and bumper stickers.

“That he has already been keeping his campaign promises is a real threat to the incumbents,” says Chin. “Usually, they wait until after the elections. But John is an optimist.”

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