Wendy Elopes to Become Burger Queen


In a private courthouse wedding, fast food chain mascot Wendy Davis abandoned her family to marry the mascot of Burger King, the Burger King.

“We had an amazing time at the wedding.” reported Little Caesar, mascot for the Little Caesar’s pizza franchise. “The open bar was a soda fountain and we saw forbidden love come to fruition.”

Dave Thomas, the founder and first CEO of Wendy’s, was well known to be publically feuding with the Burger King in regards to who is the true king of burgers. This feud has continued with Thomas’s son current CEO, Dave Thomas Jr.

“Things run my way here at Wendy’s.” commented Thomas Jr. in a press conference earlier today. “And if my sister decides to abandon our family for a traitor, I will simply have to rename my restaurants after another one of my siblings.”

Sources report that Thomas is considering renaming his restaurant after his other sister, Gertrude.

“I cannot believe someone would break their betrothal.” remarked Ronald McDonald, mascot for the McDonalds corporation. “After I tried my best to get in shape for her…”

Currently calls from Wendy to Thomas are currently going unanswered, with Thomas simply advising Wendy to, “Have it her way.”

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