Joe Thornton Voted Best Regular Season NHL Player of All Time


A fan-wide poll conducted by the NHL named San Jose Sharks’ superstar, Joe Thornton, the honor of ‘Best Regular Season Player of All Time’, an accolade he doesn’t take lightly.

Having worked hard every regular season for the past 10 years with the Sharks, Joe has remained true to form by bowing out of playoffs as early as possible to get a head start on dryland training for next year’s grueling 82-game schedule.

“Look, when it comes to playoffs, that’s malarkey, okay,” exclaimed the superstar. “Even if you were to go to seven games in each series, that’s still only 28 games. Anyone can be good for 28 games, try 82. 82 games is a lot more games than 28. Even then, most guys don’t play that many games in the playoffs because they get eliminated.”

Despite the years of playoff disappointment, there is still one thing that remains true in San Jose: the fans love Joe Thornton.

“Joey is a total stud out on the ice all season, everyone knows that playoffs are tougher, why risk having your superstar get hurt,” said Richard Dupuis, a diehard Sharks fan since the franchise was founded in 1991. “Nothing can compare to when Joey goes out there for a ‘hair-skate.’ I’m glad the Sharks took away Joey’s captaincy. All that C on his jersey does is make Joey a target — that’s the last thing Joey needs out there.”

Also, a testament to his legacy and lore, Joe Thornton merchandise is a hot ticket in San Jose, especially Joe Thornton game worn jerseys.

“We bought several Joe Thornton ‘game-worn’ playoff jerseys for our charity raffle and were delighted to find they were basically like brand new,” said Tanya Collins, from the Buddy Buddy Fun Run in Santa Clara. “It was like he didn’t even break a sweat. Even the Patrick Marleau jerseys had some sweat stains, but not Joe’s.”

Thornton, while cleaning his roller blades with hand sanitizer and baby wipes, rolled his eyes at the hockey media, downplaying the importance of winning a Stanley Cup or a Conn Smythe trophy.

“Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews, Wayne Gretzky, Evgeni Malkin… all those guys won the Conn Smythe trophy for best performer in the playoffs and that’s just what playoffs are, a con. You barely even get paid in the playoffs. Playoffs? More like ‘lay-offs’.”

Joe Thornton ranks second in points on the San Jose Sharks and was quick to point out that his current injury has helped him focus on what is truly important to him, leading the league in his EA Sports NHL 2015 video game, which of course is no easy task.

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