Touching Tips: Gay Answers to Straight Questions Vol. 6


This is Travis. He is 25-year-old graphic designer and stand up comic. He wears glasses, listens to Spotify, likes sports and enjoys craft beer. Just like every normal person. Oh, and he’s gay.

Touching Tips: Gay Answers to Straight Questions

Everyone knows somebody that is gay. In Touching Tips, Travis will answer all those burning questions you’ve wanted to ask that gay friend but didn’t want to appear as if you voted for Mitt Romney or Michelle Bachmann. This is a judgment free zone.


Are all male cheerleaders gay?

Josh J.

Dear Josh,

Let me ask you this. How many male cheerleaders have you high fived for crush pussy? None? That’s what I thought.

Dear Travis,

I’m not gay, but do you think I’m attractive?

Insecure Ian

Insecure Ian,

That depends, do you look anything remotely close to Ryan Gosling? If no. Then no.

Dear Travis,

Does everybody have a gaydar?

Brendon L.

Dear Brendon,

Though it’s not a scientific fact, I do believe that most everyone has a gaydar. By most people, I mean everyone unless you’re Eastern European, then you probably have no sense of that and you probably hate Tim Cook as well.

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