Touching Tips: Gay Answers to Straight Questions Vol. 4


This is Travis. He is 25-year-old graphic designer and stand up comic. He wears glasses, listens to Spotify, likes sports and enjoys craft beer. Just like every normal person. Oh, and he’s gay.

Touching Tips: Gay Answers to Straight Questions

Everyone knows somebody that is gay. In Touching Tips, Travis will answer all those burning questions you’ve wanted to ask that gay friend but didn’t want to appear as if you voted for Mitt Romney or Michelle Bachmann. This is a judgment free zone.


I know we haven’t spoken in a real long time. But this has been hanging over my head for a while. Did I make you gay?

Your Ex-Girlfriend from High School

Hi There,

You know, that’s a fair question. I know that I didn’t seem as interested in you as the other guys in high school did towards their girlfriends. But trust me, you definitely didn’t make me gay. I was always gay from the start. But introducing me to your hot older brother might have opened my eyes a bit quicker though.

Dear Travis,

If you and I were the last two people living on earth, would you try to repopulate the planet with me for the greater good of mankind?

Last Living Woman

Dear Last Living Woman,


Dear Travis,

According to what I read in my bible, it’s not okay to be gay. Why do you think it’s okay to be the way you are?

It’s Black and White

Hello It’s Black and White,

I’m perfectly comfortable being who I am, and I for one am not so blind to take the bible completely word for word. People take the bible out of context all the time. Did you know that out of the millions of boring lines of text there are only six mentions in the bible to people who are gay? Six! Not to mention, if I recall correctly in Matthew 4:19, Jesus said to “Go out and be fishers of men”… That sounds like a green light to me.

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